Born in Rome, Italy, in 1991, she graduated in Modern and Contemporary History, at Sapienza University. After that, she moved to Barcelona to deepen the study of photography. Actually she is based in Rome. 


2017: Collective exhibition "Female in March", Ex Dogana, Rome. 

2017: Solo exhibition "Moloch", Grisart, Barcelona.

2016: Collective exhibition "Orbital", Mutuo Centro de Arte, Barcelona.

2016: Collective exhibition "The very best of", Photogenic Festival, Barcelona.


2017: Santander PHOTO, Enclave Pronillo, Santander. 

2017: Slideluck Barcelona, Centre Cívic Pati Llimona, Barcelona.

2017: Slideluck Naples, Magazzini Fotografici, Naples.

2016: El Proyector, Fundación Foto Colectania, Barcelona.


2017: Prix Mark Grosset, Promenades Photographiques Festival.


2016: Obiettivo Grande Guerra-Gli scatti della Regia Marina sul fronte navale,aereo e terrestre, Ufficio Storico della Marina Militare, Rome. 


2017: Workshop with Anders Petersen, TPW, Siracusa.

2017: Workshop with Todd Hido, Atelier Smedsby, Paris. 

2016: Workshop with Federico Clavarino, Officine Fotografiche, Rome.

2016: Workshop with Antoine D'Agata, Magnum Photos, Tokyo.

2015-2016: Narrative Itinerary of Photography. Grisart, Barcelona.

2011-2015: Modern and Contemporary History Degree, Sapienza University, Rome.

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